Invitation to step lightly onto the path of self sufficiency

"I don't know how."

"I rent. I don't have room."

"Time issues."

"My husband whipper snips everything."

"Murderous black thumb."

"Weeds, weeds, WEEDS!"

"Dogs, cats, rabbits, villainous chooks."

"Crap soil."

"Too dry, wet, shady, hot, windy, frosty."

"Back, neck, knee, arthritis pain."

"What if it all dies?"

"One day."

If any or a combination of these sound familiar I reckon I can talk you around, encourage and (if need be) manipulate you into growing some of your own food. I'm writing a series of articles designed for novice gardeners whose hearts desire is to tippy-toe onto the path of self sufficiency. Stay tuned.

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