Here's how it works

I've had many queries about how to buy and receive my plants so I thought it was high time I got organised and explained it properly.

Please note: If online shopping is unavailable to you or someone you know, please contact me directly. I'm always happy to help anyone. But if you can order online, please do. It really makes it easier for a variety of reasons. Anyone who has seen my 'write it on the back of an envelope' system will understand. Believe me, it's better for you too.

All plants available for sale are on my website. This is updated regularly, often daily, so it's the most reliable source of information. I've come to the point in my life that when I'm asked questions about what I have, I look wildly around the room and silently open and shut my mouth. Brain won't work on demand. is ace. Ordering is easy. Just click on the image and away you go.

Online payment is again the easiest and most efficient method. Cash on delivery/pickup can also be arranged. I prefer to avoid cash during coronarama but I ain't gunna say no.

Once I've received your order, I'll get it ready for you and be in touch. It's much better for me to let you know when the plants are ready than just popping in. I'm self employed because I love flexibility and I have kids. My life is unpredictable. I don't want you to waste a visit.

Free pick up is available in Wonthaggi or Bass. Please don't be concerned that the 'Order Summary' only says Bass. You can add Wonthaggi in the 'Notes' section on the left if you'd prefer. Don't worry though, I will be in touch.

Wonthaggi - Your plants will be in a box or a bag with your name on it. I leave them out on my front deck for you to collect whenever it's convenient. It's been a great system that has worked for years. I don't give out my address until your plants are ready.

Bass - I'll leave them at the gate in Bass with your name on it. We'll chat or text to make arrangements once I've got your plants ready so I will let you know.

If you'd like your plants delivered you need to click on the image of my van in the shop. You can add deliveries to your cart like any other product. Please put your address in the Notes section at Checkout. If you forget, you can message me via chat on the website, text me or I'll be in touch. Currently, deliveries are $5 ea on orders under $100. I'm more than happy to drop several orders off at one point for a single delivery fee eg, community centre, Mum's place, 'the organised ones' house etc.

FAQ's (is it just me or does that sound a bit rude, like offensive rude?)

Can I come to the nursery?

Sorry. No public access during 'these trying times'.

Where do you deliver?

The current range is Wonthaggi, Kilcunda, Dalyston, Archies Creek, San Remo, Newhaven, Cape Woolamai, Cape Paterson, Coronet Bay, Corinella, Tenby Point, Grantville. I also do a Wednesday afternoon delivery to all of Phillip Island.

Why an online store?

Covid forced my hand but it's much easier to communicate and keep track of stock this way. Everything in one place helps a scatterbrain. It makes me feel like a grown up too. Many of you know that I've been selling direct and on Facebook for years now. I'll admit, having a website is next level, but I genuinely enjoy the online communication I have with y'all. It's so lovely when I get to meet you in person. And you're much nicer than the general public.

How do I get regular updates on plants available?

Subscribe to the website and I'll send a weeklyish email when the website is updated thoroughly. You'll also receive the end of season sales information several days before I promote them elsewhere.

Any other questions, please ask away. Cheers xx

Facebook : Coll's Plants

Instagram: @collsplants

0408 681 848