A quick babble about babble and what I'm about

I get frustrated with writers who waffle on at the beginning of informative articles. For example, if I want succinct information on how to grow tomatoes I don't want to know how lovingly a writer remembers the plump flavorsome tomatoes of their childhood or a poetic description of the earth's scent as they pulled their billionth weed and contemplated the meaning of life. If you want reflective, ponderous thoughts from me, light a fire, invite me over and provide wine. I can go on for hours. I assume that you seek information so I'll get to the point in my writing and try my best not to prattle on. Some days I enjoy a babble so if I do, I promise to leave it at the end of the information where you can indulge or abandon me as you chose.

I'm largely self taught and certainly don't consider myself an expert. My writing expresses the results of my own research, ideas, opinions, observations and experiences and I'm learning all the time. My methodology is often experimental. The point of this blog is to encourage and educate. I'm aiming directly at beginners and non-starters who feel that growing their own food, or growing plants in general, is beyond them. Questions are warmly welcomed.

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