Valeriana officinalis


Valerian is an aromatic perennial herb that grows up to 1.5m by approx. 1 m wide. Flowers vary from white to pale pink.


Roots are used as a tea, steeped in cold water for 12 - 24 hours - do not boil.  Dry roots in a dark, dry place before use.


Begin harvest after the second year of growth to allow the plant to establish and the roots to develop.


"It was once regarded as the main hope for epileptics and is certainly good for hysteria and spasms, giddiness and migraine, breathlessness and palpitations. It will ease headaches and miseries (!!) associated with the menopause, make sleep come more easily, and prevent gas forming in the stomach...good for gravel on the bladder." Little, B. (1986)'The Complete Book of Herbs and Spices'. Frenchs Forest: Reed Books. 


Restrict dosage as too much may be counterproductive.


The roots of Valerian promote phosphorus activity, and  attract earthworms. Will break up colds. Powerful preventative of fermentation and gas. Promotes sleep. Used as a tea, do not boil, just soak 12-24 hours.



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  • Full sun in rich, free draining soil.