Tamarillo is an evergreen tree that grows  2-4m high producing abundant fruit.

This small tree produces blue-mauve flowers in Spring with fruit ripening in Autumn/Winter and is ready to eat in Spring.


Tamarillo grows best in a warm sunny position. It's shallow rooted so mulch well. It likes a sheltered position away from wind. 


Tamarillo will tolerate an occasional light frost  and will shed any leaves that were affected by a light frost in spring. Please note, however, that it won't survive repeated or heavy frosts.


Feed your Tamarillo end the end of winter and early summer with a nitrogen rich fertiliser. Top dress it with well rotted manure or compost each year to keep it thriving. 


Yum. The flavour is tangy and sweet. Scoop the flesh as you would a passionfruit.


  • https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Tamarillos(janek2005).jpg


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