Beta vulgaris var cicla


This is an excellent vegetable to have plenty of. It's highly productive and very longstanding in the garden - yielding for extended periods. It seldom bolts during its first year.


I highly recommend this for all gardens. By incoroprating several  perpetual spinach plants into your garden, you can quickly become self sufficient in leafy greens.**


Perpetual Spinach belongs to the same species as silverbeet and beets, but tastes and looks more like a true spinach. The leaves are flatter and more pointed than silverbeet with slimmer stems.


Pick the larger, longer stems for cooking or the younger small ones for salads and sandwiches.


** Leafy greens (Spinach, lettuce etc) are high on the list of the 'Dirty Dozen'- plant based foods with the highest concentration of residual pesticides and herbicides after washing and testing.


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Perpetual Spinach

  • Perpetual spinach loves a rich well drained soil and will grow in full sun to quite heavy shade.

    It will not tolerate drying out but will reward you with an abundance of leafy greens over an extended period of time if you keep it well watered and fed with compost or worm castings.