Physalis peruviana


Cape Gooseberries are small, round yellow/orange fruis enclosed inside a paper- like husk. As the fruit inside ripens the husks dry and split open revealing the ripened fruit inside. Wait until the fruit is soft and vibrantly coloured.


They taste tangy-sweet and are rich in vitamin C, vitamin P, and potassium. 


They are a popular desert fruit with creama and icecream. I like to snack on them while gardening.

Cape Gooseberry

  • Cape Gooseberry plants can grow between 0.5m to 3m high.

    Plant in full sun or partial shade in fertile, well-drained soil. 

    Cape Gooseberry grows well in a sandy loam.

    Wait for the paper around the fruit to dry and split before harvesting the yellow fruit. Pick regularly for continual harvesting.

    Prune plants hard after fruiting to ensure a compact and dense bush loaded with fruit for several years.


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