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My name is Colleen and my small business has evolved over time. I've gone from a home based business, covering my kids trampoline in seedlings, to renting a small parcel of land.

My seedlings are grown in the South West Gippsland town of Bass. I use organic principles to grow heirloom, open pollinated vegetable and herb varieties for home gardeners and small scale food producers.

I 'harden' all plants to the elements, including strong coastal winds and regularly receive positive feedback on the vigour of these seedlings once they're in the ground. 

All seedlings are grown according to their preferred season. I will not force them to grow too early by using artificial light, modified seed or dubious fertilising regimes.  I believe in the innate wisdom of the plants to grow when they're ready with encouragement rather than coercion (yes I talk to them).

Plants can be purchased here or contact me directly via my Facebook- Coll's Plants or contact page. Purchases are first in, first served. Regular pick up points are Wonthaggi, Bass, Kilcunda and Loch. Add your details below and I'll send you regular updates on what is available. Please feel free to make contact and ask questions or offer suggestions for blog articles you'd like to see.

Please note - I'm particularly supportive of beginner gardeners!! 


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